High Quality


The research for the best

Here in Grosmi we love the quality and we look for it in every stage of our production. We choose accurately blends appreciated by the most sophisticated and demanding palates.

Wide Choice


Coffee for every taste

We offer a wide selection of blends for those who want to enjoy a great cup of coffee at home and for companies wishing to offer their customers a quality product.

Intense Taste


A coffee full of character

For those who enjoy the pleasure of full bodied and rich in personality coffee, Grosmi is the appropriate choice. Its intense flavor envelops the palate giving a unique pleasure.

Fresh Aroma


Stay-fresh packaging

The taste and flavor of freshly ground coffee are perfectly preserved thanks to the fragrance-saving packages.

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Area for privates

Area for business/bar

A wide choice of products to enjoy coffee both at home and at the bar.

A complete range to satisfy the palate of your customers.