Italian coffee in the world

Since the mid-90s, Grosmi has conquered the foreign market through Austria, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Hungary, Croatia and many others.


From Fiat Topolino on

Today coffee travels with its own means for local distribution with a fleet of four trucks with load capacities from 5 to 14 pounds.


Coffee in your city

Grosmi was born in Sacile and later spread to Latisana, Portogruaro, Udine and Pordenone. Now it exports all over the world, but remains strongly tied with its homeland.


Technologies for quality

From the first Zenith to the gas-working Petroncini, in Grosmi technologies are at the forefront in order to maintain high product quality.

The Company

For over 50 years Grosmi has imported prestigious coffee in order to make, after roasting and blending, a product of Total Quality for customers who care to look for the right balance between aroma and flavor in their cup everyday.

For this reason Grosmi imports its coffee from all over the world (Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, India, Giava, Uganda, Puerto Rico, Salvador and other Central American countries) and prepares high quality blends that help to reconcile the natural properties of the various crops with the needs of the Italian taste, more and more finely refined.

However, the roasting and the accurate preparation of the blends are just the first step to a good final tasting. The conservation of coffee, the machine maintenance, the professionalism of the "experts" are just as important elements to ensure all the quality of the product: and that is what Grosmi intends to offer as a plus to its customers through the direct management of its stores.

Walking into a Grosmi Roasting House means, in fact, be able to give the cup of coffee a value that is not only determined by taste, but also by the knowledge of the quality and commitment that the company has been offering to its customers for forty years.

Furthermore it will be an opportunity to seek for you those products that embellished by our gift boxes, represent now for the Grosmi stores a simple yet qualified sign of tradition.

Beans of History

  • 1958 Sacile, Grosmi starts its activity
  • 1960 The first direct imports from Africa and Latin America
  • 1966 Latisana, the first coffee house Grosmi opens up
  • 1969 Sacile, the shed is built and the first dealers are born
  • 1971 The first store opens in Portogruaro
  • 1982 Finally a Grosmi store in the province!
  • 1989 Udine, the first branch opens in Via Rialto
  • 1999 Sacile, the headquarters are renovated
  • 2001-2008 The jump in exports: Canada, Australia, Taiwan, France, the Baltic countries, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia